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Benefits of Family Mediation

Envision a world where conflicts are resolved through teamwork, leaving everyone satisfied. This is the essence of mediation! Unlike conventional family law proceedings that involve each party hiring an individual lawyer, mediation encourages joint problem-solving that benefits both sides.

The best part? It's effective! Mediation has a success rate of over 80%, making it a reliable option even when other methods have failed. Additionally, individuals are more likely to abide by agreements they helped create.

Moreover, mediation can prevent future disputes and enhance communication skills between parties. This is particularly useful in co-parenting scenarios, where reducing tension is ideal for children's emotional well-being. Research suggests that children from divorced families with minimal conflict tend to fare better emotionally (Andrew I. Schepard, Children, Courts, and Custody: Interdisciplinary Models for Divorcing Families. New York: Cambridge University Press (2004). p. 31.)

Mediation sessions are flexible and can be scheduled at a convenient time, including outside regular business hours. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and all discussions in mediation remain private. Additionally, mediation is typically more cost-effective than traditional legal negotiations. Let's work collaboratively and save money by finding solutions that meet everyone's needs!

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