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Psychologist Session


Feeling depressed? Anxious? Angry? Are you more sad then usual? Maybe you feel stuck or at your wits end with certain aspects of your life. You are not alone, and I am here to help.

I approach my clients from a place of empathy, curiosity and openness. I provide a safe place to talk about the hard things.

My work with you might involve helping you:

  • work through little or big traumas

  • gain insight to break the cycle of behaviors that are not benefiting you 

  • to experience greater confidence in your relationships

  • to manage and understand your mental health or physical challenges and diagnoses

  • to gain an understanding of the obstacles that may be causing you to feel stuck in moving forward in certain areas in your life (work, relationships, family, mental, health, physical health)​

There is no one size fits all in bettering ourselves – which is why my approach is tailored to specific worries, challenges, obstacles, and goals.

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