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What you can expect in therapy

ALL therapy and assessments will be help via telephone and Video Conferencing. At times, there may be times where outdoor sessions may be permitted and this can be discussed. 

You can expect to be heard. You can expect to have your feelings and emotions validated. And you can expect to feel a sense of comfort while working with me. There is a Welsh word that I love called CWTCH, pronounced "Kutch", it means more than a hug, a snuggle, a cuddle; a safe place. That is what I strive to create for my clients, a safe place for them to talk, feel and sit with their emotions. A place to be vulnerable with no judgement. My practice of therapy is laid back. Jokes will be had, laughter will ensue, tears may be shed. Don't get me wrong there is work to be done, but I strive to not make therapy FEEL like therapy but a trusted conversation where we explore patterns, behaviors, beliefs and current coping mechanism to determine what is serving you and what is not giving you purpose any longer. 


I offer sessions in 30 and 50 minute increments usually on a weekly basis. In my experience, the more you put in, the more you get out of it and the best way to get the most out of therapy is to start off with a number of  consistent sessions to build momentum and allow us to facilitate a strong therapeutic relationship which is important for you to begin your mental wellness journey. 


The first few sessions I will conduct an assessment where I will ask you questions about what brings you to therapy and relevant information about your childhood, relationships and past/current experiences. This information will help me learn about you, your story and perspectives, as well as the impact experiences have had on you. Together we will identify goals and select therapeutic approaches that will best suit your needs. 


Therapy is about YOU and what you need. It is about learning about your inner-self. Therapy can be short and goal orientated, or it can be longer and more introspective, it can also be maintenance orientated after the bulk of the "work" has been done.

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