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Wellness Services

This is a reminder to soften your forehead, relax your jaw and loosen your shoulders

Marlo was drawn to yoga, mindfulness and meditation after years of chronic pain, concussions and the a few unhealthy relationships. She fell in love with the way it not only made her body feel, but the way it made her mind and soul feel. The practice of yoga (along with mental health work) supported Marlo through some of the toughest times she has encountered and helped her learn key skills to keep her grounded in a time of worry and anxiety.  In 2020, she ventured to Costa Rica and completed a 200hour teacher training in Alignment Based Yoga which focuses on our bodies positions and doing no harm. She also has credentials in Restorative Yoga as well as S.A.F.E - sustainable & safe adaptations of yoga for everybody. 

Marlo firmly believes that yoga is not just instaworthy poses; but how we feel while getting to where our body is able an utilizing our mind, body and breathe to do so. 



Marlo focuses her yoga teaching on restorative, yin and hatha styles of yoga which are gentle on the body. Marlo is trained in Alignment Based Yoga, and has certification in Restorative as well as SAFE (Safe adjusting for everyone). Marlo uses Yoga as a way to come back to the body and feel our emotions more so than a physical workout.​

She uses the practice of Yoga to assist with Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Fatigue and other feelings. 

Through gentle movements, breathe, meditation and listening to the body A LOT can be discovered. 

This is a GREAT sister service to therapy. 



Marlo teaches meditation and offers meditation classes on different platforms online, focusing on the breath, mindfulness and healing. 

She uses meditation to assist with chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, trauma, restlessness, increasing gratitude and mindfulness among other things.

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